Pinochet Era War Criminal Arrested In Italy

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PARMA – In the Italian city of Parma, Walther Klug Rivera, a former Military Intelligence agent during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, was arrested. The German Chilean is convicted in Chile for crimes against humanity and had an international warrant issued against him.  

The Italian La Repubblica writes that Klug Rivera was arrested while traveling from Parma in northern Italy to Cologne in Germany. He is currently in a prison cell Parma, awaiting extradition to Chile, writes the newspaper.

Klug Rivera was convicted for kidnapping and murdering 23 workers in September 1973 in the Bíobío-region. This massacre became known as the Endesa massacre.

He was also prosecuted for his role in the disappearance of Luis Cornejo Fernández, who was a leader of the Chilean Communist Youth and a student of the University of Concepción in Los Angeles, who was tortured and killed in the first year of Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Before serving a prison sentence, Klug Rivera escaped Chile on a German passport. An international warrant was issued by Interpol, leading to the arrest yesterday in Parma.

However, as there exists no extradition treaty between Chile and Germany, judicial experts said to Bíobí said that it’s unlikely that Klug Rivera is to be extradited. On the other side, as Klug Rivera was arrested in Parma and remains in an Italian prison, chances are that the war criminal returns to Chile.

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