Paloma Martínez: First Chilean to win a gold in para-taekwondo

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Paloma Martínez has become the first Chilean woman to win a gold medal in para-taekwondo. She triumphed at the 8th World Cup in Turkey. She aims to participate in the upcoming Paralympic Games.

The Chilean sportswoman was crowned the winner in the under-30 category, after winning three bouts, beating the representatives of Turkey and Russia, who took second and third place, respectively.

Aurora Labbé, the athlete’s mother, said, “I’m so proud of my daughter,” and mentioned that they would continue working to fulfill her daughter’s dreams.

Congratulations from Chile

Congratulations were quick to follow. Germán Codina, the mayor of Puente Alto, the district where Paloma lives, commented on this historical accomplishment, saying, “Without a doubt this is a proud moment for Puente Alto but also for the country.”

The Chilean secretary general also congratulated Martinéz and called her a “national pride,” and the Chilean Paralympic Committee also highlighted the victory.

Paloma has been practicing taekwondo for five years, but this isn’t the first time she has won a gold medal. In the Panamerican Para-Taekwondo Games in the United States, she also won first place.

Paralympic Games in 2020

The para-taekwondo will be part of the Tokyo Paralympic games in 2020.

The new world champion wasn’t the only Chilean representative in this world cup. Daniel Salinas and Claudio Fuentes also participated.


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