Feria San Juan – a hidden gem in the heart of Santiago

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SANTIAGO – In every neighborhood, in every district in Santiago you’ll find markets, mercados and ferias. The markets are a great place to get to know real Chilean culture. Chile Today reviews some of Santiago’s best markets. Today part V: Feria San Juan.

Photo: Chile Today / Katerya Kurdyuk

Feria San Juan, a small market hidden in a crowded street of Santiago Center is one of the least known souvenir markets in Santiago. Due to the market’s unassuming look it is very easy to pass by without giving it any notice. But those who do venture in can find affordable souvenirs from Chile and its neighbors, Peru and Bolivia.

Located on Santo Domingo Street, just a block from Plaza de Armas, San Juan market is a strange mix of souvenir shops and mobile accessory or repair stands. The souvenirs here are not the same artisan variety or quality as the ones at Los Dominicos or Santa Lucia Markets, nonetheless it is a great place to get small souvenirs such as magnets and keychains.

Photo: Chile Today / Kateryna Kurdyuk

San Juan market is also the best place to pick up llama or alpaca knitwear, such as a high quality poncho for only CLP$ 15,000-20,000 (US$ 22-25), a scarf, a pair of socks or gloves for around CLP$ 2,000-5,000 , or a messenger bag for CLP$ 3,000. Mate gourds, as well as the tea, wooden accessories, musical instruments, and pencil cases or money pouches can also all be found here.

The market is also home to many mobile phone repair and accessory stands, so it’s the perfect place for travelers or locals to grab a souvenir and get their phone unlocked, fixed or geared up for use in Chile. The market can be found at 843 Santo Domingo Street, so stop by and get some warm socks or gloves before winter!


Photo: Chile Today / Kateryna Kurdyuk


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